Staging Your Home


Simply listing a home isn’t enough for our team to maximize your property’s potential. Our complimentary staging services are a crucial tool to ensure the space looks its very best and in turn, generates the healthiest value and engagement from prospective buyers.

Each project begins with providing you a personal design consultant to customize a plan for your home. Our team facilitates the storage of your existing furniture if necessary and the delivery and setup of pieces from our portfolio of furnishings. We do this at no additional cost to you.


Prior to our design team taking over, here are some simple steps to help you prepare your property for staging:


Creating a spacious and tidy aesthetic enabling the prospective buyer to visualize themselves in the space sparking an emotional attachment to the home.


The most inexpensive but engaging way to refreshen a home. A fresh paint in neutral tones will assist in creating a visual of a bright space while modernizing the aesthetic of the home.


First impressions can be critical when showcasing your home. A pleasing outdoor visual including fresh cut grass, weed removal, charming gardens and welcoming outdoor furnishings will leave your property looking it's very best.


We meticulously clean all of our listing properties to leave it spotless and welcoming to all visitors. From the floors, to the baseboards, to even the walls. The kitchen + bathrooms are crucial spaces to engage the buyer.


We always insist on keeping the community and neighbours well informed to ensure a collaborative effort is made. A welcoming neighbour is vey important and only adds to the value of nearby homes.